Hey Kids and the Heywood AODS perform at the Heywood Civic Centre- see map below

My aim is to be a professional ballet dancer, I love acting and singing and  to date I have played a number of roles on the amateur theatre circuit:

Year     Event                                         Part/character                          Organisation

2006- Summer School                      Various parts                                  St Thomas More AOD

2007- Fabulous Places                     Dancer                                             Anita Tymchyshyn School of Dancing

2007- Wizard of Oz                             Lolipop Guild Munchkin                St Grabriels AODS

2008-Summer School                      Ensemble                                        Stagecoach

2008-School Open Day Display     Dancer                                              Anita Tymchyshyn School of Dancing - Carity show

2008- Oliver!                                       Oliver Twist                                      Hey Kids Heywood AODS

2009-Victorian Justice                     Joseph Lewis                                  Hey Kids Heywood AODS

2009-Calendar Countdown            Dancer                                              Anita Tymchyshyn School of Dancing

2009- Summer School                    Various parts/Fat Sam                   West End Summer School

2009-Footloose the musical         Ensemble/Cowboy Bob                 Hey KidsHeywood AODS

2010-Summer School              Various Parts/ Grown up Simba        West End Stage Summer School

2010-HONK!                               Various Parts/ensemble                     Hey Kids Heywood AODS

2011-Rhyme to Remember       Old king Cole/Ensemble                  Oldham Theatre Workshop

2011-summer School               Uncle Henry/Various parts                  West End Summer School

2011 - Summer show           Glitz, Glamour and Groove                  Anita Tymchyshyn School of Dancing - Carity show

2011- Back to the eighties        Various parts/Ensemble                     Hey Kids Heywood AODS

Email me or download my performing CV below:


  Heykids Next Show- Les Miserables:  October 2012  

Alfie Performing CV.pdf Alfie Performing CV.pdf
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Our next show is  Les Miserables 17-20 October 2012

I was very happy to find that I had obtained the part, in Les Miserables, of Gavroche. My Brother, George, recieved the part of Javert. To see more about my brother  go to

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