Our show in 2010 was HONK ! The story of the Ugly duckling.The show was held at Heywood Civic Centre in October 2010 and was the last show with my Sister in the Youth section at Heywood.

 I didn't get a part this show, too big for the little kid parts too small role but played several roles within the chorus/ensensemble

There are a couple of pictures from our rehearsals I pixelated the faces as I didnt want to upload anyones face who might get offended.

See you late





To the left  is my brother George

He played the part of

Wing Commander Grey Lagg- A pompus but well meaning Goose!

To the right are the domesticated odd couple. 

The stuck up cat Queenie (played by Alice) and the 'clingy' chicken Lowbutt (played by Rachel)  

Here I am in Wing Commander Grey Lagg's squadren

 Alice as Queenie and Rachel as Lowbut- Natural comediens!

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